Effect of withania somnifera on levels of sex hormones in the diabetic male rats

Zahra Kiasalari, Mohsen Khalili, Mahbobeh Aghaei


Background: There are evidences regarding the prevalence of dysfunction in sexual function and behavior in diabetic people. Experimental studies revealed a positive effect of withania somnifera on sexual function and behaviors.
Objective: In this research the effect of withania somnifera on sexual function in diabetic male Wistar rats was assessed by measuring the serum levels of testosterone progesterone estrogen FSH and LH.
Materials and Methods: Experimental diabetes mellitus type I was induced by intraperitoneal injection of a single dose (60 mg/kg) of streptozotocin (STZ) in Wistar male rats. Oral withania somnifera root was given in pelleted food at ratio of 6.25% for 4 weeks. The levels of gonadadotropic hormones (LH FSH) progesterone estrogen and testosterone in animals’ serum were determined after 4 weeks in all groups.
Results: Withania somnifera root was effective in lowering FSH serum level in somnifera-treated animals compared to controls (p


Withania somnifera Diabetes Sex hormones Rat.

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